Poor Dog Was HEARTLESSLY Starved For Months. But When She Was Rescued? I BURST Into TEARS!

Sometimes, I really cannot understand how people can be so cruel, towards each other and towards helpless animals. The story of the dog in the following video is sure to break your heart. This dog was found in a very bad state—she had been starved on purpose for months. Rescue From The Hart was contacted to save the dying pooch.

They named her Angle, and she needed a miracle to survive. Angel was reduced to a pile of skin and bones, but the good people did not want to give up on her. They started feeding her small amounts of food in the beginning, as too much would also kill her. Slowly, she began recovering. She couldn’t even support her own bodyweight when she first came in, but slowly she was able to sit and walk by herself. She soon made new friends, and the hope she was given brought out her will to live. Angel now has a loving forever home, and looks like a totally new dog!

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