He Saw 2 Bullies Harassing A Young Girl. Now Wait Till You See What THIS Man Did To Them Next—OMG!

One of the worst experiences in a child can face is bullying. It can severely affect a child’s self-esteem, and in very bad cases, cause depression, anxiety or other disorders. It is said that as much as one in every three children will be bullied during their school years. That is an alarmingly high number. What would you do if you saw a child being bullied right in front of you?

UP TV wanted to see how people would react to this situation. They had two girls bully a younger girl at a bus stop to see what strangers would do. And the results were heartwarming. All the people who overheard them bullying told them to stop and had encouraging words for the girl being bullied. One of them even tried cheering her up with a harmonica. This was so wonderful to watch!

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