Cat Was SHOCKED When Baby Let Out A Fart. But Her Next Move Cracked Even Mom Up—LOL!

Babies are without a doubt, the most adorable creatures on earth. Cats and dogs are probably tied at second place. Imagine what would happen if we combined the cuteness of three of them together. If you can’t really picture it in your mind, you don’t have to worry—just check out the trio in the following video!

Nelda the 8-month-old Labrador was cuddling with Pebbles the Ragdoll kitten and 6-week-old baby Elsarose on the sofa. The pooch looks really relaxed, while his feline friend looks totally smitten by the tiny human. But the moment of peace is broken when the baby lets out a fart! The cat was really shocked and stepped away instantly. Maybe she didn’t want to stay around for what would come later!

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