Poor Shelter Dogs Had To Sleep On The Cold Floor. But What THIS Man Did Next? INSPIRATIONAL!

There are just so many problems in the world right now. Every day, we hear news of mass shootings, terrorist attacks, bigotry and hate. With so much happening in the world right now, it’s easy to lose focus on the plight of other animals. YouTuber Stuart Edge wanted to do something nice to animals for a change. The following video shows his incredible gesture.

Stuart was sad to see the wonderful dogs at the shelter having to sleep on the cold concrete floor. They really deserved better than that. So, he decided to buy dog beds for all the pooches there. Once their stalls were fitted with the bed, the dogs were just overcome with joy. They didn’t waste even a second to get comfortable in their new pads! This just goes to show how a small gesture can make such a huge difference!

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