Newborn Baby Was Crying UNCONTROLLABLY. But When Dad Stepped In? OMG This Is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Comedian Michael Jr really knows how to crack people up. His specialty, Christian comedy, means that the whole family can sit down and have a good clean laugh, without the parent having to worry about the appropriateness of the jokes. Michael’s voice has made many laugh and giggle, but his voice also did something phenomenal.

This video shows him speaking about the birth of his daughter. It shows her just a little while after being born. She was crying without stopping. That is when Michael soothed her with his voice. When he tells her “I’m right here. It’s ok”, she calms right down. She even smiles a little when he tells her he loves her! Isn’t this the best thing ever! No wonder Michael admits that he loves being a dad more than anything else in the world!

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