She’d Lived In A Cage For 9 Yrs. Now Watch What Happens When THIS Dog Got A Bed For The 1st Time!

The things that people do to fulfill their greed are horrifying. From polluting the environment to exploiting the lives of innocent animals—they do it all. Take puppy mills for example. Hundreds of dogs are kept in substandard conditions, without enough food, exercise love. Some even spend their entire lives in those metal cages. They are made to breed, so that the puppies can be sold at a pricey rate.

This video shows one dog that has been rescued from such a puppy mill. Delilah had spent a good part of her life inside a metal cage in a puppy mill. She was fortunately rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue. This video shows her enjoying the first bed she had ever had in her life. She might have had a bad start at life, but she seems happy now!

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