Lonely Sad Shelter Dog Wouldn’t Look Up. But When He Saw THEM? I Can’t Stop My SMILE!

Every dog deserves a loving home. There are so many dogs available for adoption in shelters, but many don’t adopt them, thinking that they are too old, broken or not a certain breed. Every dog is capable of giving immense love and joy to their owners. The pooch in the following video luckily had a couple who came in and adopted him.

Drover, the terrier mix, had no idea he would be taken to his new home when this video was taken. He’d been in the shelter for over 7 months, so naturally he must have thought that day was going to be like any other. But that was the day his new parents came to adopt him. His sad, lonely aura instantly changed! He had a spring in his step as soon as he was out of the shelter!

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