Husky Didn’t Want THIS Boy To Go To School. So What He Does When Mom Tried To Wake Him? ROFL!

Mornings aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Waking up, getting ready and preparing for a long commute and a grilling day at school or work isn’t something to really look forward to. The little guy in the following video doesn’t want to get up and go to school. He isn’t the only one enthusiastic about lying in bed all day—just take a look at his husky!

This Siberian husky really wants to sleep in all day with his little human. He doesn’t want either of them to leave the bed. When Mom comes to wake them up, the husky gives her a piece of his mind. He starts whining and protesting, and doesn’t even let her take the blanket off the kid. Instead, every time mom pulls the blanket away, he the child in! What a hilarious way to begin the day!

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