Teen Was Bullied All His Life Because Of His Dreams. Now Watch HOW He Shuts Everyone Up—OMG!

14 year old Jack Higgins had fallen head over heels in love with dancing. His mom had put him in a hip-hop dance class, but it was ballet was his calling. From the first ballet class itself, Jack knew it would be his passion. He’s been dancing ballet for 9 years and he wanted to show his skills on the Britain’s Got Talent stage.

When it was time for his performance, he completely enthralled the audience and the judges with his amazing moves. He had the support of his mom and a group of his friends as well. When the judges commended his performance, he admitted that he’d been called names and made fun of for liking ballet. But he was swiftly voted into the next round, and I’m sure he’ll continue to impress everyone!

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