Cockatoo Masterfully Disguises Himself As A Cat & Leaves Poor Kittens Confused

Parrots make some of the coolest pets. They don’t need as much maintenance as cats and dogs do. Another plus point is how they don’t cover every available surface in the house with fur. The cool thing about them is how they mimic speech and sounds. They don’t just pick up human speech—just check out the parrot in the following video!

The cockatoo is really good at mimicking the house cats. He sits in between three kittens and starts meowing so perfectly that even the kitties look a little bewildered. They must have thought that the cat was one of them for real! When one of them tries to take a closer look, the cockatoo even hisses at him, just like a cat would do to display hostility. His voice can fool even the biggest cat people!

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