This Senior Dog Was Living Next To Hazardous Chemical Tanks. What They Did Next? REMARKABLE!

I have always thought of having a pure breed young puppy. But never in my life I considered having any senior dog. If you think the same, your whole perception will change after watching this.

This senior dog was homeless and had been living in a water treatment facility. The rescue team of Hope For Paws had to be very careful because there were hazardous chemicals in the open tanks next to the dog. Throwing bits of a cheeseburger they lured him to them. But he was very scared of their presence and maintained a distance from them. After several attempts they finally caught him and named him Mufasa.

The first thing they did was to give him a good bath as he smelled like sewer. His skin was in a very bad shape. So, after shower he was relieved to have all the dirt washed away. He was treated for an ear infection and intestinal parasites. Watch this video below and let us know your thoughts about it through COMMENTS!

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