Everybody Freaked Out When This 7 Yr Old Came On The Stage With A Snake. But Then? OMG!

It has been widely known that Britain’s Got Talent showcases mind-blowing performances but this one is something else. Even judges hadn’t expected this from a seven year old girl. I must say whatever she did on the stage need guts and strength.

As soon as Olivia enters the stage, everyone in the audience was smitten by her cuteness. When she said she wanted to be a zoologist, nobody thought she would come back wrapped around a snake. She calls her snake Lucy and hugs her as her sister. Then she began her beautiful poem about saving endangered animals. I was overwhelmed when she finished.

This little girl’s passion and her sweet poem deliver a very strong message. She didn’t look a bit frightened by this huge snake. How awesome is that? Watch this video below and let us know your views about this act and the message she presented. Keep your thoughts in the COMMENTS below.

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