They Found A Scared Dog Living In A Ditch. I Couldn’t Stop Crying When I Saw What They Did For Her!

Many dogs are bound to stay in the street without any care and shelter. They have no one to rely on. They are bound to face the abuse of inhuman people, other animals. But there are some people who struggle to provide these poor animals with a better living.

Hope For Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization that works day and night for the rescue, rehabilitation and welfare of stray and homeless dogs. The organization is devoted to rehabilitate these homeless animals. This touching video is about a dog named Nada who used to live as a stray in a ditch near downtown LA.

Nala was previously known as Blu. She most probably was abused by a man because she always runs away with fright whenever she hears a man’s voice. I was in tears when I saw her heart touching rescue. Watch this amazing dog and tell us how you felt watching this rescue.

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