This Pug Thought This Balloon Dog Was Following Him. Now Watch What He Does. LOL!

Dogs keep winning your heart no matter what. But sometimes you want to turn the table and amuse them instead. This pug’s owner did the same. I died watching this.

This cute pug was given a puzzling surprise. All of a sudden he had a new best friend who couldn’t stop staring at him. I teared up laughing when I saw how this pug kept running and shifting places when he saw this balloon dog stalking him continuously. He couldn’t figure out whether it was a real dog or not. It follows him like a shadow. It is not quite clear if he loves his new imaginary friend or if he is trying to ditch him constantly. His confused face is priceless.

I almost hugged my screen when I saw him all confused. Both of them are literally inseparable. Watch this comical video below and share your pug’s stories through COMMENTS!

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