I Cried When I Saw What Made Him Come From Miles Away To Rescue These Pups. This Is HEARTBREAKING!

Dogs are lovely creatures always longing for our love and attention. But cases like these will bring you tears of disgust on humanity itself. Who could treat these poor animals like this? This story should be watched and passed.

This Animal Rescue Corps got a call hearing about the worst condition of these dogs. They were locked in their cages, diseased and were just waiting to die. Even the rescuers teared up looking their pitiful situation. They even got bodies of many deceased dogs. These dogs were kept in absolutely unlivable condition in Coffee County, TN. So they hurried up for help.

They drove all night and called for their rescue “Operation Midnight Run”. Altogether 97 dogs were rescued. No animal deserves to be treated like this. Watch this heart breaking video and tell us your views about this. What do you think can be done to stop it? Write your COMMENTS below.

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