I Was Already Impressed By Their Amazing Formation But When They Begin To Move? PHENOMENAL!

Ice skating is an extremely challenging sport which needs both balance in mind and body. Being flexible alone is not enough, you also should master the techniques to stand out. So when this team of skaters gave their awesome performance I was taken aback.

When the Winter Olympics roll around people all around the world are extremely excited to see this ice dancing. This group of young ladies representing Russia beautifully danced on the ice on Whitney Houston’s classic version of ” I will always love you”. Their each step on the ice will leave you awestruck. These girls look like robots running from a remote control. Their dance was incredibly synchronized.

Their performance was a pure perfection making you wonder if it’s real or not. I am watching this on repeat. You need to see their faces at the end of their performance. Watch this video below and let your feelings come in by COMMENTING below.

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