Stray Pups Won’t Stop Hugging Each Other After Finally Being Rescued

Stray Pups Were Rescued Off The Streets Together. What They Did After Meeting Each Other? AWW!

When two tiny stray puppies were adopted by some kindhearted Buddhist nuns in a pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, they immediately took on to each other. It seemed like they knew they were in a safe place now, so they haven’t stopped hugging each other ever since. They fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle! The smaller pup is the perfect size for the bigger one to put his paws around.

They must have seen some harsh days on the streets. Perhaps this is why they look so happy to be in a nice place. They must be sharing their joy with one another. These cuddle critters might have had a rough start in life, but they look like they are on the way for better days ahead! They’ve even learned a cool Zen pose, probably from the nuns!

These stray puppies were totally lost and were living at the mercy of the streets of Ho Cho Minh City, Vietnam.


Nobody had given them a second glance until the Buddhist nuns spotted them and immediately took them back to their temple


The bigger pup, though tiny, held on to his smaller friend in a protective embrace


You can’t help but wonder about what they’ve been through on the streets


But with every passing day, these precious pups are becoming stronger and more confident


Because they’ve finally found a safe haven


And every day, the bigger pooch is growing more relaxed with his surroundings


Because he’s finally found someone who will hold his paw through the years


(h/t: dailymail)


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