This Pet Store’s Staff Are Hiding A Secret! But When The Hidden Cameras Reveal The Truth? OMG!

I am not a huge fan of social experiments but this one impressed me to the great extent. I have always heard a dog person bragging about their dog’s breed. So, when they decided to pull this experiment, I was a bit skeptical about it. But the end results had me in awe.

People pay a lot for buying a pet instead of just adopting them from a shelter home. So, when they saw these mongrel dogs at the pet shop for free, they rushed to buy them. One of the customer even asked if she could get some discount and when she knew they were free, she wanted to grab them all. It was hysterical.

Isn’t this an amazing experiment? I was bewildered seeing people react like that. This surely tells so much about human nature. Watch this video and pin the COMMENTS!

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