When He Shined A Light Into THAT Hole, You Won’t BELIEVE What Came Out Of It Next! WHOA!

While cats and dogs might be the most popular pets, some people prefer different pets. For instance, some keep reptiles as pets, since they are easy to maintain and don’t need as much time to look after as other animals. Tortoises make cute and lasting pets—they might actually outlive you! The following video shows a tiny little tortoise that is sure to melt your heart!

Meet Taco. Taco the tortoise is very special. He responds to his name being called. When his owners come to his borrow and call his name, he comes out of his home and even walks to his dad’s hand! It is quite rare for reptiles to be this responsive, but Taco seems to be special. I bet you haven’t seen a tortoise quite like Taco!

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