This Poor Dog Was Chained Up For 14 Long Years. Now Watch What That Man Does!

Love, mercy, compassion and empathy are what define humanity. Being human we should always try to do kind acts that are in our reach. This humanitarian couple will touch your heart with their kind deeds for the welfare of the abandoned dogs.

Thayne and his wife Christine loved dogs more than anyone can imagine. In over the past 10 years they’d taken in at least 20 rescue dogs at their home in Orcas Island, WA which is now called Grey Muzzle Rescue. They took rejected, severely hurt senior dogs into their care. Even when tragedy struck her Christine chose her dogs treatment and care over hers and died surrounded by her beloved dogs .

I am so touched by this couple who would give up anything for these abandoned dogs. Even the TV show host was not happy giving rescuer thousand dollars as this rescue deserves so much more. The TV show Talk It Up gives him surprise of his life. Watch this heart melting video and let us know how you feel through COMMENTS!

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