This Dog Was Abandoned By His Owners And Was Always Scared. But THIS Rescue Will Make You Cry!

Dogs are precious creatures. So, it’s hard to believe when someone leaves them behind. These dogs are then abused and starved to death. I am really thankful to the organization like Hope For Paws that are helping these poor dogs.

Eldad and Annie Hart were wandering in Comptom when they saw a dog hiding under a trailer. Her owners moved away a year ago and left this little one behind. She had survived the hardships of rough streets for so long that she was frightened of every human touch. It was very hard for the rescuers to calm her when they got hold of her. Gradually, she understood they were not there to hurt her and accepted their help. They named her Theo. Her spirit was quite broken and it took whole two weeks to get her normal.

There are several dogs like Theo’s that are abandoned. Let’s help these dogs and bring a difference in their life. What do you think of it? Watch this video below and tell us through COMMENTS!

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