Little Boy Sneaks Up On A Sleeping Dog. What Happens Next? This Is PRECIOUS!

True friendship is the most special bond and labeled as man’s best friend, dogs are always admired for it. But this dog is more than that. Toby is Joshua’s best friend cum baby sitter. Who wouldn’t like to have a dog like that?

Joshua and Toby’s bond makes this beautiful sunny day more pretty. You could watch them play for hours. I could hardly get content with this 3 minutes video. Joshua crawls to his dog’s back and plays with him like his little brother. As we know both babies and dogs crave for attention. So, in this sense they are the perfect two.

I felt so good watching this video. It’s the combination of innocence and playfulness. If you had a dog as a child, get ready to be overwhelmed because this one will force you back to the special bond you shared. Watch this cute video below and let us know your views in the COMMENTS!

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