Monkey Refuses To Give Up On His Dying Friend & Leaves Bystanders In Awe As He Revives Him

Monkeys are usually seen as mischievous creatures. In India, they run unabated in many cities. They are considered as deities, so they inhabit temples and basically rule the streets. As they move around in the cities, sometimes they meet with sad accidents. Many monkeys electrocute themselves while walking on high-tension wires in urban areas as well as railway stations.

The poor monkey in this video had passed out after being electrocuted by railway wires. He was lucky enough to have a true friend at hand. The other monkey grabbed him off the railway tracks and did his best to wake him up. After dipping his fallen brother multiple times in some water, the injured monkey began moving again. It took 20 agonizing minutes, but in the end he finally made it alive.

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