90 Year Old Dick Van Dyke Shows His Moves But, It Was His Wife’s Response That Took Me By Surprise!

I have always loved Dick Van Dyke. He is truly one of the most amazing actors of all time. But I never knew he is this lively, enthusiastic and energetic at this age. I wish I will be as exciting as him when I get the age of 90.
This video features the first single of the band The Dustbowl Revival called “Never Had To Go”. Van Dyke and his gorgeous wife invited the band over their home to film the music video as they loved the single so much.

This amazing video is actually very entertaining and the upbeat bluegrass song is quite amazing too. I seriously can’t believe Van Dyke can give these amazing moves like he did in Mary Poppins even at this age. I thoroughly enjoyed this music video and I am quite sure you will to. The energy and passion they have is actually impressive.

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